Our services

Alanta elderly care home is a stationary social care institution that provides long-term / short-term social care for elderly people and adults with disabilities, which declare residence in the municipality of Molėtai.


Alanta elderly care home is a budgetary institution of Molėtai municipality.


The fee for living in the care home is determined according to procedure  established by the Government. The payment shell be determined according to the person's income and assets. Living fee is no more than 80% of personal income, if personal asset value is less than property value normative set by the municipality according to the place of residence. If personal asset value is higher than property value normative set by municipality according to the place of residence, payment for long-term social care per month increases by one procent, calculated from value of assets in excess of properly value normative (the Republic of Lithuania social services law 2006.January 19 no.X-493).


According to Molėtai district municipality council judgement of august 11 (th), 2011,. No. B1-172 "Due to Molėtai district Alanta elderly care home, long-term and short-term social care services price setting" amendment, approved social care cost of an adult person with a disability is 495,84 EUR per month and 515,31 EUR per month for the elderly person.


Our services include:


1. General services

  • Information
  • Consultation
  • Mediation and represenation
  • Provision of necessary clothes and footwear
  • Transport organisation
  • Cultural services
  • Other comprehensive social services

2. Special social services


Short-term social care

Long-term social care


  • Accommodation
  • Daily living skills development and support
  • Work skills training
  • Leisure organisation
  • Assistance in preparation for eating, bathing, etc.
  • Personal care services organisation (laundry services, ect.)
  • Nourishment
  • Health care services (nursing)
  • Other services necessary for a person according to his level of independence.